• If the work or test is completed earlier than the time the account was put on test, call and have the account taken out of test. 

  • If the work or test takes longer than originally anticipated, call the central station and extend the time the account is on test.

  • While the system is on test, all signals received by the central monitoring station will be logged, and no action will be taken.

  • Before taking a system out of test or test expiration, you must make sure that the system is in a normal status. Failure to do so may result in false dispatch once the account is active.


​​For inquiries about invoices, change of contact information, reports, etc. please contact:

Administration Office @

​Direct: (248) 328-0000

During moments of construction, maintenance, property repairs and testing of systems connected to the alarm system, please call IQ Life Safety to put your fire alarm monitoring account on test. If you do not place it on test, and the system is activated, the central monitoring operator will dispatch the Fire Department.

To place your account on test, follow these steps:

Contact Central Station @ 1-800-836-0142            OR

​IQ Life Safety @ (248) 328-0000

You will need to supply the following information:

  • Account Number

  • Password

  • Length of time for the system to be out of service



MAIN OFFICE: 248-328-0000                      MONITORING CENTER: 1-800-836-0142

IQ Life Safety SYstems, Inc.

For all Fire Alarm, Security & tech related questions, please contact:

Service Department @

​Direct: (248) 328-0000 option 2