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IQ Life Safety helps Michigan businesses and property owners create industry-leading fire and life safety solutions


Safety is No Accident

Make a Plan

We start by making sure we understand all your needs. Our work is thorough, detailed, and perfectly shaped to fit your specifications.

Deliver Solutions

We blend expertise, modular systems, and modern technology to create security solutions that work for your current and future requirements.

Monitor & Maintain

Your need for security never stops - so we never stop working for you. We’re here to help you with testing, system updates, and monitoring.


Your Partner for Security, Fire & Life Safety

Our comprehensive approach to life safety makes your spaces safer, more connected, and easier to manage. Our work has taken us from one end of Michigan to the other, and has seen us collaborate with small businesses, large enterprises, and everything in between.

Test / Inspect

Service Plans


Cloud Services

Radio Coverage Surveys


Protecting People, Property & Businesses

The team at IQ Life Safety leverages a potent blend of expertise and experience to deliver comprehensive, high-quality life safety solutions to Michigan businesses and property owners.


Widely recognized for our nuanced understanding of life safety products and systems, we use state-of-the-art equipment and technical know-how to craft scalable, multi-layered solutions that ensure every square inch of your property is safe and secure.

Vape Detection System

Our quick, easy, and affordable solutions for vape detection provide you with immediate, location-specific notifications identifying smoking or chemicals related to vaping. Perfect for schools or civic buildings, vape detectors help combat illicit activity, reduce the risk of fires, and help you maintain air quality.

BDA Systems

Our BDA solutions enhance in-building radio coverage. Reliable and powerful, these systems ensure your buildings have a clear signal for First Responders - which provides an extra measure of safety for your property, assets, and personnel.


We use layered combinations of live video, alarm verification, and strategically placed cameras to keep your customers, employees, and visitors safe across your property.

Access Control

Easily manage all of your organization's entry points with one unified access control system. Totally customizable, access control systems can be integrated with intrusion detection systems, video surveillance, badging solutions, visitor and identify management systems, and much, much more.

Integrated Security

Our integrated life safety solutions bring technology, software, and operations under one roof. By seamlessly merging your hardware with cloud-based systems we optimize efficiency, unify applications, and maximize security.

Fire Alarm

We use modern products from Gamewell and Bosch to build industry-leading fire safety systems.  Experts in properties big and small, we offer a broad suite of fire safety solutions - including system design, monitoring, testing, inspection, and maintenance.


Life Safety at its Finest

IQ has been serving commercial property owners, contractors, and property managers for more than two decades. A dedicated partner, we’re committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations, to developing world-class safety solutions, and to delivering a customer service experience that is defined by integrity, quality, and trust.


Work with IQ Life Safety

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