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Fire Alarm

Industry-leading fire alarm solutions

Your fire safety system plays a critical role in keeping your property secure - which is why we work so hard to install, monitor, and maintain advanced detection platforms that account for all of your physical and operational needs.

We use modern life safety products to design industry-leading fire alarm solutions, retrofit existing systems, and create scalable platforms that are easy to build on. Detailed and deliberate, we work hard to ensure your facility is protected by a full spectrum of intelligent sensors, mass notification functions, and reliable monitoring features (and that's just for starters).

Our next-generation fire systems are designed to meet all of your immediate requirements while giving you the flexibility you need to scale. Our expert team can provide you with a broad range of services - including system design, monitoring, testing, inspection, and product maintenance.

Select Benefits & Capabilities

Meet state and/or local requirements and stay compliant with applicable Michigan fire codes and regulations


Communicate instructions to your buildings' occupants clearly in an emergency

Mass Notification

Intelligent fire alarm systems with easier installs, self-testing capabilities and fewer false alarms

Industry Leading Products

Remote monitoring ensures you know if an error occurs and gives you peace of mind that your system is operating efficiently

System Monitoring

Get notified of events on the devices you choose, wherever you are

On-site and Remote Alerts

Sophisticated technology makes connecting and managing your life safety solutions simple

Seamless Integration


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