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Vape Detection System

Smart vaping sensors

IQ Life Safety provides smart HALO detectors that make vape detection a reality. This device alerts you real time when it senses THC, vaping, or even vape masking.

HALO's all in one detector can also provide safety and security well beyond vape detection. Some of the many applications of these smart sensors include the ability to provide air quality monitoring, alerting you if harmful chemicals, gases, and humidity levels are present. They can distinguish certain sounds and words and alert you based on gunshots, emergency key words, and noise levels.

One of the most popular applications for this device is to install it in an area that cameras are not possible (e.g. bathrooms). Schools, hospitals, and so many more have been able to use these devices to create and maintain a healthy, safe environment.

Select Benefits & Capabilities

Cutting edge technology produces accurate and prompt readings

Industry Leading Product

Get notified of events on the devices you choose, wherever you are

On-site and Remote Alerts

Constant monitoring means you know the moment an event occurs and allows you to react in real-time


Custom settings allow you to secure areas without compromising, even in privacy protected areas



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