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We started as a fire alarm company and our first office was a garage. As more clients came to rely on our expertise, our service offerings grew to meet the needs of the people we served.

Mid 2000s

After only a few short years in business, we found ourselves serving complex properties, large commercial enterprises, and a number of multi-layered corporations. As we grew, we embraced new technology and adopted a holistic approach to developing security solutions.


Always evolving, today we provide end-to-end life safety solutions for corporate, commercial, and municipal clients. We are powered by a close-knit team of expert technicians who know our clients and know how to deliver exactly what they need. 

Our Story


IQ Life Safety is Michigan's premier provider of fire alarm systems and life safety solutions

Our team of life safety experts works hard to protect our clients' businesses, information, personnel, and facilities.

We know that fire, security, and life safety are more than just services - they are an essential part of life. As people, we need to feel safe (and be safe) to do our best work, have peace of mind, and live our best lives. That’s why we started our company - to make businesses and communities safer, more cohesive, and more efficient for the people who live and work in them.

What makes IQ exceptional is our deep commitment to community and to the people we work with. We strive to build genuine relationships with every client we meet - because when it comes to protecting your properties and the people in them, you don’t just want a vendor; you want a partner. After all, technology alone doesn’t have all the answers - you need reliable people who understand your current challenges, anticipate your future needs, and go above and beyond each and every day. 



You need to trust your life safety system and the team behind it - that's why we're upfront about every aspect of our work. When we say we'll do something, you can trust us to get it done.



We care for your property with the same attention to detail we give to our own homes. We don't cut corners - we work hard, work smart, and don't stop until the job is done right.


Protecting People, Property & The Things That Matter Most

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