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Dependable Solutions


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Our custom fire, security, and life safety protect your people, your property, and your business.



Entertainment Centers


Warehouse & Logisitics

Mixed Use


High Rises

Senior Living Facilities

Luxury Apratment Buildings


Car Dealerships


Shopping Centers


Childcare Facilities



Some Markets We’ve Worked In

Once we’ve evaluated your specs, we use computer-aided design (CAD) systems to develop a comprehensive set of life safety plans and solutions. We look for opportunities to improve facility configuration, eliminate compromises, and integrate advanced technology with design and operations.


Our experienced system designers don’t take shortcuts - our work is detailed, precise, and perfectly tailored to address your specific needs. And of course, we always create plans that meet (and exceed) all local ordinances and NFPA codes.

Leverage Expertise

Our work starts and ends with your unique needs. To be successful, we have to understand your goals inside and out - so we always start by diving into your existing documentation.


We examine your plans, review schematics, and (if needed) we visit your property. What happens once we have the lay of the land? That's when we get to work.

Determine Needs

How we develop fire, security, and life safety systems

We believe that the most effective approach to life safety is a complete one - that’s why we engage with every project holistically. We focus on understanding the full scope of your needs, work to proactively problem solve, and strive to develop end-to-end solutions that fulfill your current requirements and feature strong forward and backward compatibilities.

We pride ourselves on our ability to work with clients of all shapes and sizes. But whether we’re working on a high-rise, a strip mall, or a multi-unit campus, our priority remains the same: creating powerful life safety platforms that deliver results, give you peace of mind, and let you focus on managing your business.


Strong relationships, smart technology, and collaborative life safety solutions

Once your system is in place, our work doesn't stop. Your need for powerful life safety systems is an ongoing concern - so we're always on hand to help. Our designers and technicians are here to assist with updates, monitoring, upgrades, maintenance, and consultation.. 

Support & Partnership

Our factory-trained, NICET-certified technicians work around your schedule to execute an installation plan that gets your systems in place quickly, efficiently, and with no disruptions to your operational priorities. We know how to work with property owners, contractors, and construction professionals of all disciplines - and we know how to make sure your fire protection and life safety equipment will always work to protect your business and property.

Deliver Solutions


Your need for security never stops. Neither do we.

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