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Access Control

Building Access Control Systems

Good access control solutions do more than just determine how doors are locked and unlocked - they allow you to manage all of the entry points throughout your organization.

Modular and customizable, access control systems can be integrated with intrusion detection systems, video surveillance systems, badging systems, visitor management systems, identity management systems (HR) and more.

Our cloud-based access control software and state-of-the-art hardware includes features that can accommodate any size organization. Easy to implement and painless to integrate, our solutions allow you to create granular and site-specific permissions, schedules and reporting.

Select Benefits & Capabilities

Control access by room, employee, badge, fob, and more

Access Control

Get prompts when employees enter or exit a room


Easily manage users and access from software

Manage Entryways

Terminate access when employees leave the company

Employee Access

Generate reports on times, dates and who accessed rooms

Real Time Reporting

Have the ability to add video to door systems

Video Systems


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