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Our life safety experts help Michigan property owners safeguard their spaces, their people, and their businesses

Keeping your property protected is an ongoing commitment. You must monitor systems, update software, and properly maintain technology. When you work with IQ Life Safety, you gain a partner who does all of that and more. We handle monitoring and maintenance, ensure your systems operate smoothly, and oversee system updates that outpace new risks.

Dedicated to safety, security, and exceptional performance

How We Work

Always Innovating

Security begins and ends with preparation - so we're always investing in What's Next. We use cutting edge technology to help our clients stay ahead of evolving threats.

Expert Technicians

We only work with factory-trained, NICET certified field technicians. When one of our team members visits your property, you can be sure they are ready for the task at hand.

Elite Service

The technical know how at IQ Life Safety is superb - but it's our service that truly sets us apart. We go above and beyond for each and every one of our customers.

Agile & Scalable

Our fire and life safety solutions offer backward and forward compatibility - that means its easy to for our solutions to adapt as you scale.

Michigan Focused

IQ Life Safety is Michigan based and steeped in regional expertise. We're well-versed in local ordinances and compliance and we offer state wide coverage for multi-site customers.

Powered by Experience

We've been doing this for nearly 30 years. We know life safety, security and fire protection inside and out.


We help you be prepared for the unexpected

Our Services

Test / Inspect

Service Plans


Cloud Services

Radio Coverage Surveys

Wireless Elevator Communication

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